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  • Newton = Einstein . Planck

    Comparing the ratios of h and c provides the following relationship (Equation 17):-

    Equation 17

    Equation 17 is an ideal relationship reflecting the underlying implied geometry. Using the published value of c in Equation 17, and then comparing with the measured value of h gives the following relationship (Equation 18):-

    Equation 18

    If you take the position that there is an underlying geometry to the way that electromagnetism behaves, then at a universal scale, the difference between the measured and theroretical values of h, can be interpreted as a universal commpression factor. This requires several of the usual assumptions to be changed, but leads to a far more intuitive picture of the universe. The assumptions that need to be changed are:-

    1. The universe is not expanding.
    2. The the visible universe is just an observable limit, and a lower density region exists beyond it.
    3. Vacuum has a density and this density increases as you move into higher energy density regions of the universe.
    4. Mass is a just a form of electromagnetism, hence a higher density form of light.
    5. Relativisic effects are just changes in the behaviour of energy as energy density changes i.e. atomic clocks run slower in areas of higher energy density (higher gravity).

    The idea of a fractal-recursive, cubic geometry underlying the behaviour of electromagnetism is explored further in the "Theory of Cubes".