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  • Universal Keystone Equation
  • The Number at the Centre of the Universe

    Figure 1 shows the context of the equation defining "a". "a" is a constant defined from a combination of existing constants i.e. the speed of light "c" and Planck's constant "h". It is proposed that this constant is significant in its own right and is central to understanding the relationships of many other universal constants and phenomena.

    Figure 1: "a" and concepts it relates to

    The equation for "a" in terms of c and h defines a constant useful in its own right. The nature of "a" and it relationship to other fundamental physical constants is considered further hereafter.

    Figure 2: Definition of "a"

    The following list summarises the expressions in Figure 2 that are related to the equation defining "a":-

    I intend to produce a page to examine each of these definitions in detail over the coming months.

    What is revealed in the relationships summarised above is an underlying set of geometrical relationships involving both cubic and spherical geometry as 2 extremes of the practical problem space that lies between them.

    I hope you will be inclined to follow me on this journey through the universe, looking at the usual fundamental values from an unusual perspective.

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