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  • Universal Keystone Equation
  • The speed of light from geometry?

    If there was a formula, based on mathematical constants, that correctly calculated the speed of light, would it provide any insight into the nature of the universe?

    The Impedance of free space from geometry

    With a small adjustment of 1.00003^(1/4)=1.0000075, a formula based on sqrt(3) and 1.03 can be proposed that calculated the value of the impedance of free space. This formula calculates 376.73 Ohms which agrees with the current measurements.

    Why do we need to measure the speed of light? Isn't there a formula to calculate it?

    The speed of light is currently defined rather than measured. Since 1983, the speed of light in vacuum, has been assumed as an absolute constant and defined as 299792458 m/s. As it is defined there is no uncertainty. The previous best measurement is quoted as 299792456.2m/s with an uncertainty of 3-4ppb which is 1-1.3m/s.

    But wouldn't it be better to have a formula that gives some clue as to where this cosmic speed limit arises from?

    Electromagnetic Theory also defines the permeability of free space, the magnetic constant of free space as:

    So with the definition of Z0 from geometry and μ0 defined the speed of light drops out as...


    The units quoted are simply conventional as the expressions used are based on mathematical constants.

    This could be yet another coincidence. However, I am forced to ask the question,"How many coincidences does it take to describe a universe?"

    Speed of light - Wikipedia

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    Comment: So, you expect people to take the idea that scientists have decided the wrong number for the speed of light seriously? I personally find the idea incredible. How could a committee possibly make a decision that was wrong by 1 part in 299792458? How could they possibly not see the difference between 299792457 and 299792458? They are completely different! Anyway, a miss is as good as a mile.
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