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    If there was a formula, based on established constants, that correctly calculated the age of the universe, would it present a problem for the idea that the universe is expanding?

    The age of the universe in seconds

    The equation for Tuniverse calculates the age of the universe in seconds based on Plancks constant, the speed of light in vacuum and a term I suspect is based on the compression of vacuum.

    The number of seconds in the universe is 4.35902600536162e+17 seconds from the expression for Tuniverse.

    The number of seconds in a year is 60*60*24*365 = 31536000 seconds.

    4.35902600536162e+17/31536000 = 13822380788.1837 years

    Therefore, 13.8223807881837 Billion years.

    Bad_astronomy 13.82 Billion years

    I don't know about anybody else but I consider that quite a coincidence that such an apparently simple formula, based on Planck's constant and the speed of light can calculate the age of the universe.

    It could be coincidence or there may be some deeper significance. But, it is interesting.

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