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  • There is only one constant!

    On this page I have provided some additional relationships that working on the UKE lead me to. As the expressions below provide G as a function of c and h as a function of c, it suggests that G and h are not independent of c. Therefore we only need one constant, when considering c,G and h. I have chosen c, which is the speed of light in a vacuum. The other constants have a definite relationship to it. Obviously the inverse relationships should also hold.

    G in terms of c

    The equation for G in terms of c allows G to be calculated as a scaled version of c. The factor of 1.03 is a factor I am thinking of as a compression factor because it is the amount by which h is bigger than the expected value if light is trapped inside a cubic space as described by the equation below for h (theoretical).

    The UKE

    It may seem surprising that what have long been regarded as unconnected and uncorrelated constants could be related. M.P.Bronstein speculated on a cGh theory that could provide this connection.

    However, the possibility of an underlying geometric relationship between the constants of c, G and h allows this connection to be specified.

    This can be seen in the expression for h in terms of c. That, relationship combined with the universal keystone equation allows G to be derived in terms of c alone.

    h (theoretical) in terms of c

    The 'compression' constant

    I did not expect to find such significant and reasonable objection to the big bang theory when I started my project Meta Research, Tom Flandern's page

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    Name: andy
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    Timestamp: 2015-12-07 22:25:29
    Name: Dave Randell
    Comment: Newton's 1st Prop. lacks a lower case"a" and "b";so false premises usually bring false conclusions and so here these (a and b) point to a center different than his diagram "S". A slinky zip-tied at one third closed length then suspended will stretch @ 21 inches and when you stand on a stool @ 17 tall with said slinky in hand and further stepping off the stool the floor will strike your feet at about the same time the slinky contracts to it's unstretched length. You are pulled towards the floor (N's "G") but the slinky will not. Why? Both you and slinky are floating force free(no N's "G") while the floor expands -advances- towards both, so the slinky is free to contract. Perhaps by now this old news to you if you have finished "The Final Theory".
    Timestamp: 2016-12-22 23:43:30
    Name: Dave Randell
    Comment: A smart-phone with an accelerometer app will read 1 G when at rest on a table when acceleration implies motion and the motion here is the TABLE-earth- expanding 1 millionth of it's size @16'/sec/sec i.e. 1G and unattached from the earth-floating- will of course read 0G. The slinky experiment shoes this real time.
    Timestamp: 2016-12-26 17:19:21
    Name: Dave Randell
    Comment: The end of philosophy came in the year 1844 by a German named Max Stirner and his "The Ego and its Own" AKA the Unique and its self-creation; worth a look!
    Timestamp: 2017-03-18 02:57:01
    Name: dave randell
    Comment: A light beam from earth to the moon passing a satellite at 186000 miles and triggering a return beam will hit earth one second later, but the original beam continuing on to a reflector on the moon will travel an @ additional 104000 miles and reach earth .56 seconds 'later' a no-no according to Einstein. When the Chinese measure the surface gravity on the far side of the moon and is different than the near Expansion Fact will be verified: a spring toy does the same, but too cheaply (?).
    Timestamp: 2017-07-24 04:27:35