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    The Universal Keystone Equation

    On this day, 2nd September 2015, I formally publish a relationship which may, in future, come to be regarded as a law of science.

    This is, to my knowledge, the first theoretical calculation of G, Newton's universal constant of gravitation, which has only been determined by experiment since it was published over 300 years ago. I have used G subscript H to indicate that the value of G has been determined from the UKE (Universal Keystone Equation).

    It is certainly a scientific curiosity and worthy of consideration.

    I have chosen to name the equation “The Universal Keystone Equation” because;

    in providing an algebraic relationship between c, G and h, it provides a theoretical centre piece that connects other existing theories; it connects quantum theory, the theory of relativity and Newton's law of universal gravitation, and provides the possibility of unlocking mankind’s efforts to understand the overarching principles of the universe around us.